- a stroller and child bike seat in one-

Stay Tuned!

The campaign might be over, but Påhoj is definitely not! 

Launching Påhoj on Kickstarter was a very exciting journey that helped us grow so much.

We would like to sincerely thank each one of you backer for showing a great interest in Påhoj and making us believe in it even more. Thank you also to all the people who wrote about Påhoj and gave us feedback. 

Without you Påhoj would not be what it is today: a child bike seat and stroller in one that is stronger and better than ever. At the end of the day, reaching our pledged goal is nothing in comparison to such a precious crowd and support.

So what is happening now for Påhoj? We are at the moment securing other financial instruments needed to make Påhoj happen. So stay tuned by signing up for the newsletter here.

Again thank you so very much for all your love and support! 

Lots of love, 

Lycke and The Påhoj Team


Happy Weekend!

We want to send you all a friendly reminder not to forget to support our campaign, 9 more days to go... Let's make the world a greener place!

We also want to celebrate this Friday with you by sharing a brand new fantastic Påhoj image! More to come...

We wish you a fantastic weekend!

Lots of Love

//Lycke and the Påhoj Team

Factory Visit

We are already working hard with our sourcing development! Today we visited a local producer. It is so inspiring to be in the workshop, on the factory floor, where it happens for real! We also reviewed finishing samples, surfaces and discussed all the details.

We love the idea to have Påhoj locally produced! 


//Lycke and the Påhoj Team

Påhoj is making friends worldwide!

Amazing!  In less than 24 hours, we already have Påhoj backers from all around the globe, from Australia to Japan to the US to Germany to South Korea!

We cannot tell you how much your support means. 

Please help us to back the project and spread the word even further by sharing the Påhoj Kickstarter campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Let's bring Påhoj to life!

With great excitement,
Lycke and The Påhoj Team


Dear Friend,

Påhoj is ready for you! Our Kickstarter campaign is now live, and we invite you take advantage of our limited supply of Super Early Bird discount offers. Click the button below to get your very own Påhoj and enjoy the ride!

Thank you so much for taking part in Påhoj’s adventure!

With great delight,

Lycke and The Påhoj Team

PR and communication intern wanted

Påhoj is looking for an intern in PR and communication ASAP.

This is a great opportunity to join the Påhoj team at a super exciting phase! The internship will start asap and last for at least 7 weeks (most likely longer). The more language you know the better, but personality is prior 1. We are based at MINC in Malmö surrounded by great people and Sweden's most interesting startups. 

Send an email at info@pahoj.com and we´ll meet.

Looking forward to hearing from you!




What a response! The movie teaser got over 300 views yesterday and many people signed up for the newsletter. Now time to make the best Kickstarter campain ever :)

See you soon!

Movie teaser in the making

Right now we are preparing for the Kickstarter campaign. The plan is to have it launched on Thursday the 19th of March! It will be so nice to finally get Påhoj out there and also to show the movie we have done. We are right now editing a short short version that we soon will upload here on the webpage. We´ll keep you updated!