- a stroller and child bike seat in one-




An ordinary bicycle with a bike seat attached is a fantastic way to get around with your child. No need to use fuel, fresh air and exercise — all in one. But what option do you have when you have arrived at your destination and need to walk? Do you carry your child the entire time?

We’ve created a simple solution to this problem: Påhoj, a stroller and child bike seat in one! Don’t waste time planning whether to bring the bike or the stroller. With Påhoj you’ve got both! The handy adapter system makes the switch from stroller to bicycle seat a walk in the park.

Påhoj gives you increased flexibility for getting around town. Whether you choose to cycle or walk, your child can always tag along comfortably.

Leave the car behind and start pedalling (and don’t forget your little one).

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• Telescopic Handle: extendable to 100cm / 39in
• Load: From 9kg / 19.8 lbs up to 22kg / 48.5 lbs
• Light weight chassis
• Adapter system:
• Total weight: 4,5 kg / 9 lbs



Increase your mobility, the påhoj way.


Påhoj is perfect for those who want to skip unnecessary car rides and still be flexible in everyday life. With Påhoj, one parent can easily leave the child at daycare and continue by bike to work. And the other parent can pick up the child on foot.


Påhoj is also useful when you bike to the museum, library, or visit the grandparents who can continue with a stroll in the park.




Påhoj comes with an included docking system. It is mounted on the frame under the bike saddle and is not depending on a parcel carrier. It fits tubes between 28 to 40 mm / 1.1 to 1.6 in. Påhoj also includes a lightweight chassis with a telescopic handle. 

The light weight chassis is powder coated and prepared to withstand weather conditions such as rain, sun and more. Alike existing child bike seats, both the seat and the foot rest are made of PP (Polypropelene) plastic. The total weight of Påhoj is about 4,5 kg / 9 lbs.


The perforations in the back provide ventilation for the child and prevents wind resistance when biking with an empty seat. A grip friendly perforation is integrated in the back to facilitate lifting.

The handy adapter system is placed under the Påhoj seat which makes it easy to mount on and off the bike. Here it is also safe away from bad weather conditions (as well as meddlesome children!). Like all certified strollers, Påhoj also contains brakes and an adjustable harness.


Påhoj carries a child up to 22 kg / 48.5 lbs and is constructed to fulfil the EU standards of both child bike seats (EN14344) and sitting prams (EN1888). These standards specify all sizes and dimensions for a safety-approved product and the license also includes carefully testing at certificated institutes. The standards have been implemented from the very beginning, and also verified and tested throughout the product development process.